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Hi guys,

In this blog, I will be explaining how to choose a right Tackle Set Up.

Ok lets have a look at the rod first.
There are 4 different types of Shore Gun Evolv( Shore Slow Model Rods) to be release I 2016
These rods will have nice and whippy yet tough rod tip which will allow you guys to control the jigs in the way you required for Shore Slow and gives the great actions to the jig. The each rod will have great blanks which will support your fishing.
I build the rods to feel nice and powerful rod which feels nice and easy to control the jig.



All Shore Slow Models comes in the same length of 9ft 9inc.
While you are fishing, you will be using the rod very up light in order for you to be able to control the jig nicely.
However having a long rod will make this fishing style a bit hard and also to have anything under 9ft will limit the ground and field you can cover.
After long time has spent in engineering process and field testing, we came up with the perfect length which won’t effect your fishing style and jig control and also to be able to cover all the ground you would like 9ft 9inc happens to be the most ideal length for this particular model.
So when you look at each model the numbers will explain the length of the rod and also the power class of the rod. For example, 993 is 9ft 9inc Power Class 3.
In this particular style of fishing, it is important for you to understand the difference in power class. The power class number is small means action of the jig itself will be very shy and small.
As the number increases the action to the jig will be bigger and also powerful at the same time and that’s why it is important for you to know which power class is most stable for the field you fish in.

If the fish isn’t very active and you are struggling for the day it is best for you to use lower power class with very small and fine jig movements.
If you are having a successful day and fish are very active then to go the opposite and use the higher power class to give the jig very powerful and big movements. When I go out to Field Test, I usually start with 922 which is the middle power class of the range.
Just and additional info, it is important to match the right jig weight to the right model rod to get the best out of both of them.




The picture show above is to show you how the jig will move in the water.
Let’s say I decided to use one certain weight of jig today but to change the rod Power Classes to get different action out of the jig. As you can see in the picture above, every model rod has different affect to the jig movement even the jig weight is the same.

What if I use only one rod Power Class and change the jig weight?
As the jig gets lighter the action gets bigger but the jig gets heavier the action goes smaller. (See the picture above) Let’s say I’m using 922 and tie a 30g jig but I don’t like the action out of this set up and I want a bit smaller action from the jig.
I have 2options to choose from to get what I want. 1st one would be changing the rod to 911 and use the same jig weight or the 2nd option is to keep the rod and use heavier jig. Things you got to remember is that heavier jig will affect the fall speed and make the jig fall a lot faster.
This could affect the hook up rate also. It is so much to take in and there are lot of options etc for you there also however once you find the perfect combination you will feel it yourself.



I guess the best way to start your day would be to use the middle power class to see how active the fish are, what depth they are hiding and also how far do you need to cast your jig.
When you get it all lined up then you will see your bucket full of fish! Thanks for reading and hope it all made sense! Next one will be all about the jigs.

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