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Slow blatt cast is specifically designed for the Shore Slow technique. There are 3 different jig types Wide, Slim and Oval.

The wide type looks like it would have slow sink rate because of its wide body shape, but actually this type is the fastest sink rate model in the series. The weight balance is set a bit towards the rear of the body, so it sinks from the rear, inclining downwards.


This is an average sink rate for each type. The Wide sinks 90cm per second, the Slim 80cm/sec and the Oval 60cm/sec.
It’s very helpful to know how to move your jig under the water when you understand the sink rate of your jig. You can find the depth of the spot your fishing and work out how high your jig jumped from your action by counting the fall length after the action.
You can find the changes in the bottom as well if the time the jig takes to reach the bottom changes even though you have kept the same action.

Finding the fish range is very important for Shore Slow, so it is highly recommended that you have a clear image of the water depth and the location of your jig in the water.

The Wide jig has a different sinking posture compared to the Slim and Oval. The Wide sinks tail first but the Slim and the Oval sink horizontally. You can use this difference to your advantage depending on the situation.

The Wide needs a bit more power when hopped to turn horizontal from its tail down posture compared to the Slim and the Oval. If you fish in very shallow water using the Slim and the Oval the rear hook tends to tangle with the leader line. This is because they are center balanced jigs and easily turn horizontal with a small amount of power. They will often turn over if you use too much power. But you can avoid getting tangles if you choose the Wide version as it doesn’t easily turn over. The rear balanced jig tends to sink forward on the fall, so you can keep it at a fixed spot with a tension fall. (holding the line tight while falling reduces the sink rate)

Let’s watch the videos from now on, they show you the different characteristics of each type.

First, the Wide type. You can see the movement of the Wide with its tail first sinking posture. I have experienced conditions where this tail first posture is more effective than the horizontal fall posture. Lift it up slowly and drop it quickly, this is a one image I use when fishing the Wide type.


Next, the Slim type.
You can see the Slim sinks on the level. This is the middle sink rate type in the series and I always use this first when I fish at a new location.


Lastly, the Oval type.
It sinks slower compared to the other types. This is because it uses a low density alloy, not lead. It is designed to receive water over the whole body when sinking which helps slow the sink rate.

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