Deeply showing fascination of the products
Here we are showing the newest products and fishing trip by movie. Field movie is fishing trip program by your familiar angler. Full contents of deep explanation of the products and techniques are coming.

METALWITCH Fseries Thailand

METALWITCH Fseries introduction! From Thailand.

Shore slow vol.9 (Striped bonito)English Subtitles

Testing a prototype  "Slow blatt cast long" with a new palms rod "surfstar". Numata talks about the details of the new items with catching rockfish and bonito.

Shore slow vol.8 (KINGFISH) English Subtitles

Tips of Shore slow technique for kingfish in the early season by Numata 

Trout stream vol.1

Palms pro staff Kazama talks his tips for trout fishing with hard body lures.

Shore slow vol.7 (Mackerel & Flounder) English Subtitles

Numata talks the tips of the shore slow technique in the beginning of spring season.

Night rockfish game

Palms pro staff Komachi fish for rockfish at night. He tells you the tips of the game with using the new Pin wheel.

Flatfish game vol.1(Low tide tips) English Subtitles

Palms Flatfish pro angler Kondo shows you how to fish for flatfish off the beach.Tips for managing and choosing lures under the different conditions.

Shore slow vol.6 (Super light shore slow) English Subtitles

Is it productive if we use light jigs for shore slow? Palms designer Numata shows you how effective super light game is with using specializing model for this style.

Shore slow vol.5 (Amberjack) English Subtitles

Numata catches a variety species of fish with Shore slow techniques in the beginning of the best season.

Shore slow vol.4 (Basic Technique) English Subtitles

Numata talks the tips for basic technique of shore slow.

Slow jigging with Metal Witch Quest English Subtitles

Tips about slow jigging by Palms rod & lure designer Numata with new Metal Witch, “Quest”.

Shore jigging on Smelt series

A basic information of shore jigging with using Smelt dax and BW smelt. How to move the jigs and how they work in the water, and so on.

Shore jigging on Jigaro massive

Fishing with a new jig "Jigaro Massive" which is specific designed for keen anglers of shore jigging style. Numata shows you the feature of the new lure.

Top water game on new lure

Testing new lures off the rocks with Shore gun Evolv and fight with Dorado on a new surface lure (proto model).

Finding fish off the beach

This is a documentary style film of Flounder fishing off the beach. Palms pro staff Kondo talks how to fish in the new location where you never been to.

Testing new shore jig “Jigaro Massive”

Fishing for Spanish mackerel on new shore jigging lure, Jigaro Massive by Palms designer Numata.

Flatfish on F-lead metal

Fishing for Flounder on F-lead Metal under the windy condition by Palms pro staff Kondo.

Shore slow on Slowblatt cast new colors

Palms designer Numata talks about choosing jig colors for shore slow based on the condition with using new colors.

Finding Flathead with reading tide graph

Palms pro staff Kondo reads tide graph for finding Flathead under hard condtion.

Shore gun Evolv twitcher

Exciting small trevally game with Shore gun Evolv twitcher model. Palms pro staff Komachi shows you how to fish this seasonable target.

Shore slow super light

Is it productive if we use light jigs for shore slow? Palms designer Numata shows you how effective super light game is with using specializing model for this style.

Trout stream game

Palms trout product designer Iida walks stream up to meet a native trout at the place where he never been to.

Shore slow

Palms designer Numata talks the way to fish for shore slow at the new location with catching several different species.

Shore slow vol.2 (Rotating jigs) English Subtitles

Palms designer Numata shows you the process of how to find the right jigs in the location and fish in shore slow.

Rockfish Game

Grouper fishing off the rocks have been in the spotlight recent years. Palms staff Takagi talks the tips for this fishing with Lurk Shooter.


Fishing off the beach with looking for the deeper spot where fish are in midsummer. Flat head and other species are hooked on Shore gun Evolv.

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