Metal witch are a series of shallow water jigging rods. Built for 4 diffrent species of game fish such as cutlass,snapper,bluerunners and fluke. Each rod was designed for maximum enjoyment while fishing for your desired target.

Each Colors

Each Colors

Spinning Guide

Spinning Guide

Baitcasting Guide

Baitcasting Guide



Butt end

Butt end

The carbonology style of wrapping helps to protect rod from twisting during along fight with large fish. This style of wrapping also increases torque and overall toughness.

[スロー&フォール]Inshore Revo.SF-spec

This is the lightest model of Slow & Fall series which is designed for using at the shallow water 20-30m depth or lighter jigs than 100g. The light tip makes it possible to manage the light weight jigs as you imaged.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:1   60-110g Lures   PE0.8-1.5#   Rod Wt.123g    

This is the core model for the anglers fishing at shallower than 60m deep. The tip can manage a sensitive reeling and keep your winding rhythm with using the light weight jigs.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:2   100-150g Lures   PE1.0-2.0#   Rod Wt.130g    

This is a middle power setting of Slow & Fall series. It is a light tapered but has enough power to cope with deep water or fast current. The powerful tip can move the light weight jigs widely to highlight its existence.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:3   130-180g Lures   PE1.2-2.5#   Rod Wt.133g    

The powerful tip can manage the 200g jigs easily but the feeling is like a lighter model. And the butt section can pull the big fish up quickly from the bottom with its power setting.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:4   150-200g Lures   PE1.5-3.0#   Rod Wt.144g    

The tip has enough power to control the max 230g jigs. It can drop the heavy jig quickly to the fish zone and make a variety of action there. This rod is also good for the long fall movement with the max 400g jigs.

6ft.8inc.   1pc.   Power:5   180-230g(FallMax 400g) Lures   PE1.5-3.5#   Rod Wt.153g    

This is the specifically designed for slow jigging in 300m deep with the max 500g jigs. The rod with the powerful tip and slow tapered butt makes it possible to pioneer of the deep zone where nobody ever fish.

6ft.8inc.   1pc.   Power:6   200-250g(FallMax 500g) Lures   PE2.0-4.0#   Rod Wt.164g    

This 7'8 length is the specifically designed for the long fall techniques with using the max 230g jig. The long jerk movement give you more chance to get the fish bite than the short jerk under the tough conditions.

7ft.8inc.   Offset Handle   Power:2   110-150g(FallMax 230g) Lures   PE1.0-2.0#   Rod Wt.157g    

This model can manage the max 300g jig with a long jerk movement as you expected. The powerful tapered pull the heavy jig up easily and the spiral guide can solve the tangle problems between the line and a guide.

7ft.8inc.   Offset Handle   Power:3   130-180g(FallMax 300g) Lures   PE1.2-2.5#   Rod Wt.167g    

[タチウオ]Inshore Revo.T-spec

The T series is the specific designed for Hairtail (Tachi) game. The lightest 631T has the advantage of using shallow water game. With a light tapered it can manage the hardbodies or jigs at the surface or shallow range easily.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:1   40-120g Lures   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.139g    

The core model of T series 632T can use a wide range of fishing style, vertical jigging or shallow water spinning depending on the conditions. Jigging with spinning reel has the advantage of the fast reeling than a baitcasting.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:2   60-150g Lures   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.148g    

The 631 has the lightest tip in the T series. It can manage the 100g jig which is the best use weight for Tachi jigging. The rod bends from its butt to the top during the fight with fish, which is very exciting.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:1   40-120g Lures   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.137g    

This is the core model for Tachi jigging. The 632 has enough power managing the max 150g jig with a variety of techniques, just winding, falling or staying & shaking. This is the recommendable rod as the entry model.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:2   60-150g Lures   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.142g    

This model can use the max 200g jig under the strong current conditions. The powerful belly and butt parts pull the big one up easily from the deep water but the sensitive tip can feel the fish' small bite.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:3   80-200g Lures   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.147g    

This is the heaviest model in the T series for the Dragon size. It can manage the heavy jigs, max 250g, under the strong stream in deep where the Dragon prefer. Of course the butt section is powerful enough to pull it up from the deep water.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:4   100-250g Lures   PE0.8-2.5#   Rod Wt.153g    

[マダイ]Inshore Revo.M-spec

All graphite tubular blanks model for red snapper (sea bream). You can move the jig as your image and feel a small bite with its sensitive tip. The powerful butt part can set the hook securely.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:2   30-150g Lures   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.142g    

New MTGS-673M
This is the powerful spinning model for red snapper. The length is designed for using the slanting jerking as well as the vertical jigging. The heavier butt part can pull up the big snapper easily.

6ft.7inc.   1pc.   Power:3   45-200g Lures   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.150g    

This series is designed specifically for Tairaba fishing. This lightest model is good for using a light weight jigs. You can feel even a little bite with the solid tip and set the hook naturally.

6ft.1inc.   1pc.   Power:1   30-120g Lures   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.128g    

This is the all rounder model for Tairaba fishing. The max jig weight 150g powerful blanks and the controllable semi-long 6'1 length with solid tip part design is the best rod for entry.

6ft.1inc.   1pc.   Power:2   30-150g Lures   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.134g    

This model is for shallow depth, within 40m. You can easily control light jigs with the lightest power settings under the high pressure area. And longer length 6'5 with solid tip can fight with the big snapper even the lightest power settings.

6ft.5inc.   1pc.   Power:1   30-120g Lures   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.131g    

This is a longer length model of MTGC-612M. The powerful blanks and longer length with solid tip can easily control the jig and big snapper under the fast current or deep area.

6ft.5inc.   1pc.   Power:2   30-150g Lures   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.136g    

This is designed specifically for the anglers who look for only the big snapper. The flexible slid tip keeps a sensitive bite of the big one and set the hook securely with the powerful blanks.

6ft.5inc.   1pc.   Power:3   45-200g Lures   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.138g    

[青物]Inshore Revo.B-spec

This is the lightest model of Blue Runner series. You can enjoy even 1kg fish excitingly with the ultra light tapered and 6'3 standard length. It is suitable to use lighter jigs from 20g to 60g.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:2   20-60g Lures   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.148g    

This is the model for light jigging using the max 100g jigs. The standard length and medium power tapered rod can manage a various of techniques and can fight with 5kg fish excitingly.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:3   30-100g Lures   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.149g    

The short length of 5'9 and the powerful blanks combination make it possible to manage the jigs more technically. The sharp and quick movement can collect fish's attention more than standard movement.

5ft.9inc.   1pc.   Power:4   45-150g Lures   PE0.8-2.5#   Rod Wt.146g    

This is the standard light jigging model. You can manage 150g jigs and can fight with 5kg fish easily. The powerful butt can move light jigs more sharp and quick with its strength, which is good for catching a negative fish.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:4   45-150g Lures   PE0.8-2.5#   Rod Wt.153g    

This model is designed for using heavier than 100g jigs vividly with the short length of 5'9. The short length and powerful butt combination can fight with big fish easily even the fast current conditions.

5ft.9inc.   1pc.   Power:5   60-180g Lures   PE1.0-2.5#   Rod Wt.149g    

This is a suitable model for the anglers who use mainly long jigs. The powerful tapered can slide the jig easily and also can move it side to side widely with the standard length of 6'3.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:5   60-180g Lures   PE1.0-2.5#   Rod Wt.161g    

This strongest heavy rod is designed for using a light reel and light line. If you need more power to your rod but want to keep the light jigging, this rod is the best choice.

5ft.9inc.   1pc.   Power:6   80-250g Lures   PE1.2-3.0#   Rod Wt.156g    

This model is made the same concept as the MTGS-596B, and this is for the anglers who need a longer length. The 6'3 length can control the big fish easily during your fight.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:6   80-250g Lures   PE1.2-3.0#   Rod Wt.163g    

This is a standard model for light jigging of bait casting series. You can enjoy the fish fight even small ones with the flexible tapered but it also has enough power to pull up 5kg fish.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:3   30-100g Lures   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.139g    

This is a suitable model for one-pitch short jerk. You can manage your jigs a variety of movement with the jerk thanks to the design of the 5'9 short length and the powerful tip combination.

5ft.9inc.   1pc.   Power:4   45-150g Lures   PE0.8-2.5#   Rod Wt.134g    

The strongest model of bait casting series. If you need more power to your rod to manage the heavier jigs with light reel and light line, this is the best choice. The short length makes you comfortable to manage the heavy jigs and fight with big fish.

5ft.9inc.   1pc.   Power:5   60-180g Lures   PE1.0-2.5#   Rod Wt.142g    

Model No. Length Piece Power Lure PE Rod Wt. Price
MTGC-631SF 6ft.3inc. 1 1 60-110g 0.8-1.5# 123g ¥24,000
MTGC-632SF 6ft.3inc. 1 2 100-150g 1.0-2.0# 130g ¥24,300
MTGC-633SF 6ft.3inc. 1 3 130-180g 1.2-2.5# 133g ¥24,500
MTGC-634SF 6ft.3inc. 1 4 150-200g 1.5-3.0# 144g ¥24,800
MTGC-685SF 6ft.8inc. 1 5 180-230g(FallMax 400g) 1.5-3.5# 153g ¥25,500
MTGC-686SF 6ft.8inc. 1 6 200-250g(FallMax 500g) 2.0-4.0# 164g ¥25,800
MTGC-782SF 7ft.8inc. Offset Handle 2 110-150g(FallMax 230g) 1.0-2.0# 157g ¥25,500
MTGC-783SF 7ft.8inc. Offset Handle 3 130-180g(FallMax 300g) 1.2-2.5# 167g ¥25,800
MTGS-631T 6ft.3inc. 1 1 40-120g 0.6-1.2# 139g ¥22,800
MTGS-632T 6ft.3inc. 1 2 60-150g 0.6-1.5# 148g ¥23,000
MTGC-631T 6ft.3inc. 1 1 40-120g 0.6-1.2# 137g ¥22,800
MTGC-632T 6ft.3inc. 1 2 60-150g 0.6-1.5# 142g ¥23,000
MTGC-633T 6ft.3inc. 1 3 80-200g 0.8-2.0# 147g ¥23,300
MTGC-634T 6ft.3inc. 1 4 100-250g 0.8-2.5# 153g ¥23,500
MTGS-632M 6ft.3inc. 1 2 30-150g 0.6-1.5# 142g ¥23,000
New MTGS-673M 6ft.7inc. 1 3 45-200g 0.8-2.0# 150g ¥24,000
MTGC-611M 6ft.1inc. 1 1 30-120g 0.6-1.2# 128g ¥22,500
MTGC-612M 6ft.1inc. 1 2 30-150g 0.6-1.5# 134g ¥22,800
MTGC-651M 6ft.5inc. 1 1 30-120g 0.6-1.2# 131g ¥23,000
MTGC-652M 6ft.5inc. 1 2 30-150g 0.6-1.5# 136g ¥23,300
MTGC-653M 6ft.5inc. 1 3 45-200g 0.8-2.0# 138g ¥23,800
MTGS-632B 6ft.3inc. 1 2 20-60g 0.6-1.5# 148g ¥23,000
MTGS-633B 6ft.3inc. 1 3 30-100g 0.8-2.0# 149g ¥23,300
MTGS-594B 5ft.9inc. 1 4 45-150g 0.8-2.5# 146g ¥23,000
MTGS-634B 6ft.3inc. 1 4 45-150g 0.8-2.5# 153g ¥23,500
MTGS-595B 5ft.9inc. 1 5 60-180g 1.0-2.5# 149g ¥23,300
MTGS-635B 6ft.3inc. 1 5 60-180g 1.0-2.5# 161g ¥23,800
MTGS-596B 5ft.9inc. 1 6 80-250g 1.2-3.0# 156g ¥23,500
MTGS-636B 6ft.3inc. 1 6 80-250g 1.2-3.0# 163g ¥24,000
MTGC-633B 6ft.3inc. 1 3 30-100g 0.8-2.0# 139g ¥23,300
MTGC-594B 5ft.9inc. 1 4 45-150g 0.8-2.5# 134g ¥23,000
MTGC-595B 5ft.9inc. 1 5 60-180g 1.0-2.5# 142g ¥23,300

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