A highly performance New Molla is here. The newest generation of Molla has been renewal. The blank is used X-carbonology to provide the exceptional power that is required of your finesse and tough fishing. The latest Fuji guide is set up with well-balanced to concentrate more on your technique. Telescopic models are added to the new Molla for expanding your opportunity to fish in anywhere.





Guide Setting

Guide Setting

Fishing Style

Fishing Style

Solid Tip Model

Solid Tip Model

S.T Focus2 Graphite Casting Models

The lightest designed for bait finesse fishing. A sensitive tip is used an extra fast action allows you to cast ultra light weight hard bodies and soft plastics accurately.

Style:Bait Finesse2   6ft.6inc.   1pc.   Power:UL   Action:Extra Fast   0.8-7g Lures   4-8lb Line   Rod Wt.114g    

A standard model for bait finesse fishing. They are designed to cast accurately with light rigs than using spinning style. A sensitive tip and powerful butt give you an exciting fishing.

Style:Bait Finesse   6ft.7inc.   1/2pc.   Power:L   Action:Extra Fast   3-10g Lures   6-12lb Line   Rod Wt.129g/128g    

This is the only model for setting a sensitive solid tip in the series of bait casting type. The tip makes it possible to manage your lures technically with the extra X fast action and its shorter length.

Style:Fine Operation   6ft.2inc.   1pc.   Power:ML   Action:Fast   5-18g Lures   8-14lb Line   Rod Wt.115g    

It is designed for light pitching to reach your lure to the spot as you image. Light texas rigs is the best choice and also good for soft plastics with no sinker as well as shallow cranks and topwaters.

Style:Light Pitchin'   6ft.5inc.   1/2pc.   Power:ML   Action:Fast   5-18g Lures   8-14lb Line   Rod Wt.123g/120g    

This is the core model of the new Molla series, special designed for searching bait with hard bodies in a wide range of the water. A highly balanced taper allows to manage light rigs, swimming jigs and swimming soft plastics.

Style:Searcher Fast Moving   6ft.6inc.   1/2pc.   Power:M   Action:Fast   7-21g Lures   8-16lb Line   Rod Wt.125g/128g    

This is a must rod for fishing at heavy cover area from the shore. It is designed specifically for bottom searching with texas rigs and rubber jigs. Also it can be used a medium heavy weight hard bodies as its powerful setting.

Style:Jig'n Worm   6ft.7inc.   2pc.   Power:MH   Action:Fast   10-28g Lures   10-20lb Line   Rod Wt.132g    

All-round model for covering a large range of lures from soft plastic rigs to wire baits as well as hard bodies. This model allows you to fish as you imagine under the any kind of conditions.

Style:Allrounder   6ft.9inc.   1pc.   Power:MH   Action:Fast   10-28g Lures   10-20lb Line   Rod Wt.138g    

This model is designed specifically for frog fishing. It makes possible to manage your frog smoothly as you image thanks to a lightness of the rod and powerful tapered.

Style:Dartin' Frog   7ft   1pc.   Power:MH   Action:Moderate   10-28g Lures   PE3-5#   Rod Wt.142g    

Long cast model for using from shore to search a wide range of the water. Take it under the situation you can't bring many rods with you. This rod can be managed texas rigs, rubber jigs and also heavy calolina rigs as well as deep cranks.

Style:Cover Capture   7ft.3inc.   Offset Handle   Power:MH   Action:Fast   10-28g Lures   10-20lb Line   Rod Wt.161g    

This model is designed specifically for texas rigs and rubber jigs. This heavy action rod is superior when you shake and cast them. It helps your fishing to cast heavier than 7g rigs to deep in the cover area or to lift and fall heavier than 1/2oz football jigs.

Style:Heavy Pitchin'   6ft.8inc.   1pc.   Power:H   Action:Fast   10-35g Lures   10-25lb Line   Rod Wt.145g    

For a power game at reservoirs or big lakes. The powerful blanks can manage in deep cover with heavier than 7g texas rigs or heavier than 1/2oz rubber jigs for catching cautious bass.

Style:Heavy Cover&Lunkers   7ft.0inc.   1pc.   Power:H   Action:Fast   10-35g Lures   10-25lb Line   Rod Wt.155g    

Special designed for managing Big baits. Setting all double foot guide on a moderate blank as a strong model is also good for heavy texas rigs and buzzing frog.

Style:Mega Swimbait   7ft.4inc.   Offset Handle   Power:XH   Action:Moderate   14-60g Lures   10-35lb Line   Rod Wt.171g    

S.T Focus2 Graphite Spinning Models

This is the only model for setting a sensitive solid tip in the series of spinning type. It is good for using wacky rigs or doing drop shot with a light weight like under 1.8g.

Style:Ultra Finesse   6ft.2inc.   1pc.   Power:UL   Action:Extra Fast   0.8-5g Lures   2.5-6lb Line   Rod Wt.98g    

All-round model for finesse fishing with spinning. This is a core item using for 2-4inch soft plastics with no sinker or wacky rigs or drop shot with lighter than 3g as well as 0.9-2.5g small rubber jigs.

Style:Fine Shakin'   6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:UL   Action:Extra Fast   0.8-5g Lures   2.5-6lb Line   Rod Wt.100g    

This model is designed specifically for finesse fishing from shore. A sensitive tip and smooth tapered 2pcs rod can manage your rigs at slow speed in the middle range or drawing on the bottom.

Style:Wide Shakin'   6ft.6inc.   1pc.   Power:UL   Action:Extra Fast   0.8-5g Lures   2.5-6lb Line   Rod Wt.98g    

Special designed for panicked action with wacky rigs or light rigs as well as twitching hard bodies. Extra fast action tapered makes you easy to control your lures as a panicked fish in the water.

Style:Light Reaction   6ft.4inc.   1/2pc.   Power:L   Action:Extra Fast   3-7g Lures   3-8lb Line   Rod Wt.102g/101g    

This is a core model for your finesse style. The highly balance designed can be managed for all kind of light rigs as well as suspending shad or small hard bodies.

Style:Ultimate Finesse   6ft.7inc.   1/2pc.   Power:L   Action:Fast   3-7g Lures   3-8lb Line   Rod Wt.105g/103g    

This model is designed specifically for shaking small rubber jigs or wacky rigs. It is easy to make shake action at a short stroke thanks to its moderate fast action tapered.

Style:Shaking Speciality   6ft.5inc.   1/2pc.   Power:ML   Action:Moderate Fast   3-10g Lures   3-8lb Line   Rod Wt.106g/104g    

Medium length of 6'9'' is suitable for managing split shot rigs, carolina rigs or drop shot rigs with using a long leader. Also good for casting bulky soft baits or medium weight hard bodies. A large range of the spots are your target when you fish with this rod from shore.

Style:Split &Drop Shot   6ft.9inc.   1pc.   Power:ML   Action:Fast   3.5-10g Lures   4-10lb Line   Rod Wt.110g    

Specialized long casting model is a must item if you fish from shore. ML+ tapered allows you to cast longer all kind of medium weight soft plastics and hard bodies.

Style:Bank Fisher   7ft.3inc.   Offset Handle/2   Power:MLplus   Action:Fast   4-12g Lures   4-12lb Line   Rod Wt.120g/118g    

Telescopic Edition

This 5pcs telescopic model is based on MSGC-66MF. Highly designed taper balance can be covered a wide range of your spot with wire baits or hard bodies as well as a sensitive light rigs.

Style:Searcher Fast Moving   6ft.6inc.   5pc.   Power:M   Action:Fast   7-21g Lures   8-16lb Line   Rod Wt.121g    Pack Length:58cm

This all-round 5pcs telescopic model is based on MSGC-69MF. A main purpose to use is for soft plastics as well as hard bodies. It allows you to fish as you imagine under the any kind of conditions.

Style:Allrounder   6ft.9inc.   5pc.   Power:MH   Action:Fast   10-28g Lures   10-20lb Line   Rod Wt.129g    Pack Length:59cm

This 5pcs telescopic model is based on MSGC-67LF. A basic spinning model for finesse fishing is good at long cast with all kind of light rigs. It gives you an advantage under the tough condition.

Style:Ultimate Finesse   6ft.7inc.   5pc.   Power:L   Action:Fast   3-7g Lures   3-8lb Line   Rod Wt.104g    Pack Length:57cm

Model No. Style Length Piece Power Action Lure Line PE Rod Wt. Price
MSGC-66ULXF Bait Finesse2 6ft.6inc. 1 UL Extra Fast 0.8-7g 4-8lb - 114g ¥18000
MSGC-67LXF/MSGC-67L2XF Bait Finesse 6ft.7inc. 1/2 L Extra Fast 3-10g 6-12lb - 129g/128g ¥18,300
MSGC-62MLXXF【SOLID TIP】 Fine Operation 6ft.2inc. 1 ML Fast 5-18g 8-14lb - 115g ¥17,800
MSGC-65MLF/MSGC-65ML2F Light Pitchin' 6ft.5inc. 1/2 ML Fast 5-18g 8-14lb - 123g/120g ¥18,300
MSGC-66MF/MSGC-66M2F Searcher Fast Moving 6ft.6inc. 1/2 M Fast 7-21g 8-16lb - 125g/128g ¥19,000
MSGC-67MH2F Jig'n Worm 6ft.7inc. 2 MH Fast 10-28g 10-20lb - 132g ¥19,000
MSGC-69MHF Allrounder 6ft.9inc. 1 MH Fast 10-28g 10-20lb - 138g ¥19,000
MSGC-70MHM-PE Dartin' Frog 7ft 1 MH Moderate 10-28g - 3-5# 142g ¥19,800
MSGC-73MHF Cover Capture 7ft.3inc. Offset Handle MH Fast 10-28g 10-20lb - 161g ¥19300
MSGC-68HF Heavy Pitchin' 6ft.8inc. 1 H Fast 10-35g 10-25lb - 145g ¥19,000
MSGC-70HF Heavy Cover&Lunkers 7ft.0inc. 1 H Fast 10-35g 10-25lb - 155g ¥19,300
MSGC-74XHM Mega Swimbait 7ft.4inc. Offset Handle XH Moderate 14-60g 10-35lb - 171g ¥19,800
MSGS-62ULXXF【SOLID TIP】 Ultra Finesse 6ft.2inc. 1 UL Extra Fast 0.8-5g 2.5-6lb - 98g ¥16,800
MSGS-63ULXF Fine Shakin' 6ft.3inc. 1 UL Extra Fast 0.8-5g 2.5-6lb - 100g ¥17,300
MSGS-66UL2XF Wide Shakin' 6ft.6inc. 1 UL Extra Fast 0.8-5g 2.5-6lb - 98g ¥17,800
MSGS-64LXF/MSGS-64L2XF Light Reaction 6ft.4inc. 1/2 L Extra Fast 3-7g 3-8lb - 102g/101g ¥17,800
MSGS-67LF/MSGS-67L2F Ultimate Finesse 6ft.7inc. 1/2 L Fast 3-7g 3-8lb - 105g/103g ¥18,300
MSGS-65L+MF/MSGS-65L+2MF Shaking Speciality 6ft.5inc. 1/2 ML Moderate Fast 3-10g 3-8lb - 106g/104g ¥18,300
MSGS-69MLF Split &Drop Shot 6ft.9inc. 1 ML Fast 3.5-10g 4-10lb - 110g ¥18800
MSGS-73ML+F/MSGS-73ML+2F Bank Fisher 7ft.3inc. Offset Handle/2 MLplus Fast 4-12g 4-12lb - 120g/118g ¥19,000
MSGC-66MF/T5 Searcher Fast Moving 6ft.6inc. 5 M Fast 7-21g 8-16lb - 121g ¥19,300
MSGC-69MHF/T5 Allrounder 6ft.9inc. 5 MH Fast 10-28g 10-20lb - 129g ¥19,800
MSGS-67LF/T5 Ultimate Finesse 6ft.7inc. 5 L Fast 3-7g 3-8lb - 104g ¥19,000

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