Using both simpleness and sensitivity SHORE GUN was developed. This rod was developed for extra long casting, allowing the angler to pick and choose his/her style of fishing. This rod series can be used for almost every light game fish there is!! These rod blanks were carefully choosen to allow for the upmost in castability as well as smoothness in the bending curve. Great castability was also achieved by using the all new fuji brand K-guide series and top grade cork for shore guns grip. If your into shore fishing than this rod series was developed for you!! We are offering 39 models for you to choose from. 

Guide setting for F.C models

Guide setting for F.C models

Reel seat for F.C models

Reel seat for F.C models

Guide setting for EGING

Guide setting for EGING

Reel seat for EGING

Reel seat for EGING

Butt end

Butt end

The carbonology style of wrapping helps to protect rod from twisting during along fight with large fish. This style of wrapping also increases torque and overall toughness.

Compressed F.C Spinning Models

The lightest model of SHORE GUN. The length 7'3 is convenience of using for a narrow spot, like a canal or small port. This is the ultra light model for covering your all light fishing.

7ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:UL   5-18g Lures   4-10lb Line   PE0.4-1.0#   Rod Wt.91g    

This model is for using a lighter lure at small to medium sized port or river. You can feel the sensitive differences of swimming of your lure when you reels.

8ft.0inc.   2pc.   Power:L   7-21g Lures   5-12lb Line   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.118g    

This is a very basic model for the light game scene, including fishing with wader or high footing place. It is designed for using not only hard bodies but also soft plastics with jig head.

8ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:L   7-21g Lures   6-12lb Line   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.125g    

This is a specific model to cast long distance with the light weight lures. The sensitive tip can set the hook securely for the slight fish strikes.

9ft.0inc.   2pc.   Power:L   7-21g Lures   6-12lb Line   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.132g    

For the technical anglers who are heavy use of twitching or jerking. It is designed for using the max 28g lures, jerking for seabass or making an irregular action with jigs or vibrations for a various targets.

7ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:ML   8-28g Lures   6-16lb Line   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.120g    

The main purpose is using around 20g lures for flat fish or blue runner from a surf or port as well as hairtail with a wind style.

8ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:ML   8-28g Lures   6-16lb Line   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.130g    

This is the best use for wader style. The high balanced design of 9ft ML power can be covered a wide range of the area, like a surf, a tideland or a medium scaled river.

9ft.0inc.   2pc.   Power:ML   8-28g Lures   6-16lb Line   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.142g    

All round model for using the open water. This is a good for using 12-14cm hard bodies or lighter weight jig for catching a seabass, a flat fish or a blue runner. This is the entry model for surf.

9ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:ML   10-30g Lures   6-16lb Line   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.150g    

This is the longest model of ML power range which is suitable to use for a wide shallow beach or rocky coast. An overwhelming long cast ability makes it possible to reach your lure to the zone where fish is.

10ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:ML   10-30g Lures   6-18lb Line   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.162g    

This is a model for anglers who need more power tapered with short length. It is possible to manage 28g lures technically, the long minnows, heavy sinking minnows, vibrations or jigs.

8ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:M   10-35g Lures   8-20lb Line   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.157g    

The core model of M power range, the main purpose is for managing the big minnows or vibrations for seabass or 5 inch soft plastics with jig heads for flat fish as well as using heavier jigs for a blue runners.

9ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:M   10-35g Lures   8-20lb Line   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.164g    

This is the longest model of M power series. The length 10'3 makes it possible to control your lures under the wavy conditions. Of course this model is also a suitable to fish for seabass from the rocky spot.

10ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:M   10-35g Lures   8-22lb Line   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.178g    

This model is good for casting a jig or a jig minnow of the max 42g, especially when fish boils in front of you. This light weight rod helps your tough fishing all day long.

9ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:MH   12-42g Lures   10-24lb Line   PE1.0-2.5#   Rod Wt.177g    

The combination of the length 10'3 and the MH power setting can be expand your fishing from a surf or rocks. This model can throw 40g jig far and stop strong running of the blue runners from the shore.

10ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:MH   12-42g Lures   10-26lb Line   PE1.0-2.5#   Rod Wt.188g    

This is a technical model of H power class. The feeling of this rod is light in weight, but it has enough power on its blanks. It is good for using as the shore jigging rod.

9ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:H   15-50g Lures   10-30lb Line   PE1.0-3.0#   Rod Wt.192g    

The longest model of H power series. It is long and powerful but really controllable model. The powerful blanks have enough strength to cast 50g and control the fight with the blue runners.

11ft.0inc.   2pc.   Power:H   15-50g Lures   10-30lb Line   PE1.0-3.0#   Rod Wt.240g    

This model is quested for the best balance between the power and length for your technical shore jigging. The answer, the high powered semi-short length rod can manage the heavy weight lures technically as you imaged.

8ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:H Plus   20-60g Lures   12-35lb Line   PE1.2-3.5#   Rod Wt.215g    

This is a core model for the professional shore jigging. It can cast 60g jig strongly and also control the fish during the fight. The 9'6 length is very useful at any situations.

9ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:H Plus   20-60g Lures   12-35lb Line   PE1.2-3.5#   Rod Wt.231g    

There are places where it is necessary 10'3 length, managing your line to avoid the rocks while fighting with fish from rocky place for instance. This model is for the anglers who need the long length and max 60g jig weights.

10ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:H Plus   20-60g Lures   12-35lb Line   PE1.2-3.5#   Rod Wt.251g    

XH is the most powerful model of the SHORE GUN series. The combination of the technical length of 9'6 and the high power blank which is max jig weight 90g make it possible to support your professional shore jigging with the heavy weight jigs all day long.

9ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:XH   30-90g Lures   15-40lb Line   PE1.5-4.0#   Rod Wt.244g    

This is the heaviest and longest model for catching the big ones from shore with managing the heavy weight minnows or top waters. The 10'3 length helps your cast far ahead to the place where nobody reaches.

10ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:XH   30-90g Lures   15-40lb Line   PE1.5-4.0#   Rod Wt.266g    

This model is specifically designed for flat fish. The sensitive rod tip makes your lure management perfectly and the strong butt part helps pulling the fish from the bottom quickly. The 9'6 length makes your rod working easily.

9ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:M Plus   10-40g Lures   8-22lb Line   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.180g    

This is designed for a flat fish fishing at the shallow off the shore. The 10'6 length and M+ power blanks combination can cast max 40g lure far ahead. This is also a good rod for using the vibrations or jigs for flat fish.

10ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:M Plus   10-40g Lures   8-22lb Line   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.202g    

SFGS-83MLW <Wind Custom>
This is a specifically designed for the wind style and the 8'3 length with a medium light power can manage the max 5/8oz jig head easily. This model is suitable for hairtail or seabass.

8ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:ML   10-22g Lures   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.122g    

SFGS-86MW <Wind Custom>
This model is designed for using 1/4-3/4oz jig head which are most useful weight for the wind fishing. It helps your jerk all day long with itslight balance. The M power setting is good for targeting a variety of fish.

8ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:M   12-28g Lures   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.135g    

SFGS-89MHW <Wind Custom>
he heaviest model for the wind style series. It can manage the 1oz jig head sharply with its MH power blanks and its long casting ability expands the place where you fish, not only a wharf but also surf.

8ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:MH   15-35g Lures   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.144g    

SFGS-61UL-TW <Twitcher>
The TW series is designed for the light technical game and the 61UL is for the twitching game with the micro hard bodies. The short length and the sensitive tip make your cast accurate and manage your lure lively.

6ft.1inc.   2pc.   Power:UL   1-7g Lures   2-8lb Line   PE0.2-0.8#   Rod Wt.84g    

SFGS-69UL-TW <Twitcher>
This model is designed for the light plugging game for the anglers who like to fish for small GT with the small hard bodies. You can manage your lures with braided line also monofilament line thanks to the specific rod balanced.

6ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:UL   1-7g Lures   2-8lb Line   PE0.2-0.8#   Rod Wt.90g    

SFGS-70L-TW <Twitcher>
This model combines the controllable 7ft length and the L power blanks which can cast max 12g lure. It can cast long and manage the lure technically, this is a suitable for small GT or seabass in the day.

7ft.   2pc.   Power:L   3-12g Lures   3-12lb Line   PE0.3-1.2#   Rod Wt.93g    

Compressed F.C Spinning Models P5(5pieces Pack rods)

P5 is a series of the SHORE GUN 5 pieces model which is designed for the urban fishermen, or travelers. The shortest model 76M can use max 35g lure to cast a narrow spot with its controllable length.

7ft.6inc.   5pc.   Power:M   10-35g Lures   8-22lb Line   PE0.3-1.2#   Rod Wt.155g    

This model is suitable to use at the large place, like a wharf or wide canal. The high portability helps your movement more active by a bicycle, small motorbike or public transportations.

8ft.0inc.   5pc.   Power:M   10-35g Lures   8-22lb Line   PE0.8-2.0#   Rod Wt.161g    

The highly balanced 5 piece rod 80MH which can cast max weight 42g is beyond your expectation. It can manage a wide range of heavy lures easily, the metal blades or jigs as well as big minnows.

8ft.0inc.   5pc.   Power:MH   12-42g Lures   10-24lb Line   PE1.0-2.5#   Rod Wt.169g    

The model of 8'6 with MH power is designed for the urban or traveler anglers who need to cast the heavy lures far ahead at a high footing wharf or surf, of course with having superior portability.

8ft.6inc.   5pc.   Power:MH   12-42g Lures   10-24lb Line   PE1.0-2.5#   Rod Wt.187g    

Compressed E.F.C Spinning Models EGING PERFORMANCE

This is the lightest model of the EGING PERFORMANCE series. The light balanced setting is a suitable to use the smaller squid jigs for calamari. The specific sensitive tip for squid fishing is designed to set the hook securely.

8ft.3inc.   Squid Jig(EGI) 1.5-3#   2pc.   Power:UL   PE0.4-0.8#   Rod Wt.107g    

The 83EL is a suitable to use when the squid is negative attitude and hard to attack the jigs. You can manage a wide range of the squid jig sizes with a various of techniques thanks to its 8'3 short length.

8ft.3inc.   Squid Jig(EGI) 2-3.5#   2pc.   Power:L   PE0.4-1.0#   Rod Wt.110g    

There are places where are necessary the long length with the light power, like a high footing wharf or rocky area for instance. This is the best model to use smaller squid jigs at those places.

8ft.6inc.   Squid Jig(EGI) 2-3.5#   2pc.   Power:L   PE0.4-1.0#   Rod Wt.115g    

This is the very basic model for a squid fishing. The 8'3 M power can manage a variety of techniques with the size 3.5 mainly. This model is good for the beginners as well as the professionals.

8ft.3inc.   Squid Jig(EGI) 3-4#   2pc.   Power:M   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.115g    

The semi-long length 8'6 is useful model under the any kind of conditions. It is designed for the anglers who need a long length but want to keep a light feeling. It can cast far and manage your line and squid jig as you imaged.

8ft.6inc.   Squid Jig(EGI) 3-4#   2pc.   Power:M   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.119g    

This is the heaviest model in the EGING PERFORMANCE series. It can cast and control the largest squid jig 4.5 without stressful. The good balanced powerful taper helps your quest for the monsters.

8ft.9inc.   Squid Jig(EGI) 3.5-4.5#   2pc.   Power:MH   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.131g    

Model No. Length Piece Power Lure Squid Jig(EGI) Line PE Rod Wt. Price
SFGS-73UL 7ft.3inc. 2 UL 5-18g - 4-10lb 0.4-1.0# 91g ¥16,800
SFGS-80L 8ft.0inc. 2 L 7-21g - 5-12lb 0.6-1.2# 118g ¥17,800
SFGS-86L 8ft.6inc. 2 L 7-21g - 6-12lb 0.6-1.2# 125g ¥18,000
SFGS-90L 9ft.0inc. 2 L 7-21g - 6-12lb 0.6-1.2# 132g ¥18,300
SFGS-79ML 7ft.9inc. 2 ML 8-28g - 6-16lb 0.6-1.5# 120g ¥18,000
SFGS-86ML 8ft.6inc. 2 ML 8-28g - 6-16lb 0.6-1.5# 130g ¥18,500
SFGS-90ML 9ft.0inc. 2 ML 8-28g - 6-16lb 0.6-1.5# 142g ¥18,800
SFGS-96ML 9ft.6inc. 2 ML 10-30g - 6-16lb 0.6-1.5# 150g ¥19,000
SFGS-103ML 10ft.3inc. 2 ML 10-30g - 6-18lb 0.6-1.5# 162g ¥19,500
SFGS-89M 8ft.9inc. 2 M 10-35g - 8-20lb 0.8-2.0# 157g ¥19,000
SFGS-96M 9ft.6inc. 2 M 10-35g - 8-20lb 0.8-2.0# 164g ¥19,500
SFGS-103M 10ft.3inc. 2 M 10-35g - 8-22lb 0.8-2.0# 178g ¥19,800
SFGS-96MH 9ft.6inc. 2 MH 12-42g - 10-24lb 1.0-2.5# 177g ¥19,800
SFGS-103MH 10ft.3inc. 2 MH 12-42g - 10-26lb 1.0-2.5# 188g ¥20,000
SFGS-96H 9ft.6inc. 2 H 15-50g - 10-30lb 1.0-3.0# 192g ¥21,500
SFGS-110H 11ft.0inc. 2 H 15-50g - 10-30lb 1.0-3.0# 240g ¥21,800
SFGS-89H+ 8ft.9inc. 2 H Plus 20-60g - 12-35lb 1.2-3.5# 215g ¥21,500
SFGS-96H+ 9ft.6inc. 2 H Plus 20-60g - 12-35lb 1.2-3.5# 231g ¥21,800
SFGS-103H+ 10ft.3inc. 2 H Plus 20-60g - 12-35lb 1.2-3.5# 251g ¥22,000
SFGS-96XH 9ft.6inc. 2 XH 30-90g - 15-40lb 1.5-4.0# 244g ¥22,500
SFGS-103XH 10ft.3inc. 2 XH 30-90g - 15-40lb 1.5-4.0# 266g ¥23,000
SFGS-96M+ <FLATFISH EDITION> 9ft.6inc. 2 M Plus 10-40g - 8-22lb 0.8-2.0# 180g ¥20,000
SFGS-106M+ <FLATFISH EDITION> 10ft.6inc. 2 M Plus 10-40g - 8-22lb 0.8-2.0# 202g ¥21,000
SFGS-83MLW <Wind Custom> 8ft.3inc. 2 ML 10-22g - - 0.6-1.2# 122g ¥18,000
SFGS-86MW <Wind Custom> 8ft.6inc. 2 M 12-28g - - 0.6-1.5# 135g ¥18,500
SFGS-89MHW <Wind Custom> 8ft.9inc. 2 MH 15-35g - - 0.8-2.0# 144g ¥19,000
SFGS-61UL-TW <Twitcher> 6ft.1inc. 2 UL 1-7g - 2-8lb 0.2-0.8# 84g ¥17,000
SFGS-69UL-TW <Twitcher> 6ft.9inc. 2 UL 1-7g - 2-8lb 0.2-0.8# 90g ¥17,300
SFGS-70L-TW <Twitcher> 7ft. 2 L 3-12g - 3-12lb 0.3-1.2# 93g ¥17,500
SFGS-76M/P5 7ft.6inc. 5 M 10-35g - 8-22lb 0.3-1.2# 155g ¥18,500
SFGS-80M/P5 8ft.0inc. 5 M 10-35g - 8-22lb 0.8-2.0# 161g ¥19,000
SFGS-80MH/P5 8ft.0inc. 5 MH 12-42g - 10-24lb 1.0-2.5# 169g ¥19,500
SFGS-86MH/P5 8ft.6inc. 5 MH 12-42g - 10-24lb 1.0-2.5# 187g ¥20,000
SFGS-83EUL 8ft.3inc. 2 UL - 1.5-3# - 0.4-0.8# 107g ¥17,800
SFGS-83EL 8ft.3inc. 2 L - 2-3.5# - 0.4-1.0# 110g ¥18,000
SFGS-86EL 8ft.6inc. 2 L - 2-3.5# - 0.4-1.0# 115g ¥18,500
SFGS-83EM 8ft.3inc. 2 M - 3-4# - 0.6-1.2# 115g ¥18,000
SFGS-86EM 8ft.6inc. 2 M - 3-4# - 0.6-1.2# 119g ¥18,500
SFGS-89EMH 8ft.9inc. 2 MH - 3.5-4.5# - 0.6-1.5# 131g ¥19,000

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